Our mission is to share delicious and nutritious Italian food with people who seek a special and authentic taste. We serve our food with extraordinary customer service, with a deep commitment to the well-being of others .
We seek lasting relationships with suppliers and new entrepreneurs in order to grow our concept for the benefit of all involved.



  • We create our recipes from people’s experiences, using traditional and innovative techniques, and we seek inspiration from cultures everywhere.
  • Our restaurant is created so that behind and in front of the counter people are surrounded by music, art, design and visual communication that nourish their soul and stimulates their curiosity.
  • We serve and interact with our customers, our suppliers, and our collaborators in order to create lasting individual bonds based on shared values.
  • We constantly seek new ways of doing business so that we contribute to creating more equitable, safe, and sustainable world.

Good Food

  • Our food is nutritious, delicious, stimulating for the taste buds, and satisfying.
  • Our food is affordable

Respect and Kindness

  • We interact with our customers, collaborators, and suppliers so that together we create the most rewarding and growing personal and professional experience for everyone.
  • Our interactions with the communities we live and work in are based on mutual understanding.
  • We use, reuse, and recycle everything we can in order to reduce our impact on people and the earth.


To be a network of quick serve restaurants recognized for its great food, its innovative ways of doing business and its genuine caring for the communities and the environment it is rooted in.


One Response to “mission-values-vision”

  1. Ciao Vilco,

    How are you? Don’t have questions, but 2 solutions to those nice silly `raadsels’ at the windows:

    1 A punk Litlle Thumb leaving litlle red stones to mark his way through the wood (at his flight out of the house of the cannibalistic Giant).


    2 A writer with a writer’s bloc blotting his fearful white papers with red dots from pure despair.

    With a hug,


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