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amsterdam foodie review..

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introducing.. torta Jose’

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a simple birthday cake,  coconut & youghurt spounge bread filled with special apple cream,

covered & decorated.

it was sunny!

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Radio Plantsoen – beta 0.9

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On 21st march Westerparkse Zondagen, from 2pm to 7pm, Lazagne will present a simple preview of his upcoming project ” Radio Plantsoen“, a series of public and free events on sunday afternoons from 25 april 2010 throughout the summer. The intent is to use the little part of Frederik Hendrikplantsoen just in front of the store to present musical projects as well as theater performances & art installations.  Like a live radio transmission there will be conductors, music selectors, djs, poetry reading and other live interactions.

*radio plantsoen*

tunes, voices & more

from 2pm to 7pm

art & graphic by

music selection by &
Montale in dutch – Liesje Schreuders reading of her translations and thoughts about Eugenio Montale poetry .  – soundtrack & sounds by Andrea Basti

Tuning the silence 1.0 –  a sound perception in amsterdam by Andrea Basti

starting with a logo..

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